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William Stephan

President, Logisticus Risk Management

William Stephan is a 13-year veteran in the energy industry, specializing in the development and implementation of services and solutions designed to mitigate the risks associated with moving super load category freight.

William founded Logisticus Risk Management (LRM) in January 2012 with the intention of changing how the logistics heavy haul industry approaches movement of super load cargo. By driving quality, safety and use of available data through all aspects of planning and execution, LRM created a true risk-management approach to this very specialized segment of the industry.

Prior to launching LRM, William spent over eight years at General Electric, most recently as the Health and Safety Leader for the Energy Division’s global logistics operation. During that time, he developed a series of programs designed to drive continuous improvement among logistics service providers moving super load cargo, including a rigorous screening and audit program, resulting in year-over-year reductions in defects and providing significant cost savings.

As President of LRM, William implemented a field-based program to serve as the eyes and ears of the customer, ensuring all facets of the customer’s requirements are being adhered to—from personal and equipment safety expectations to proper lifting and movement of over-dimensional cargo. To date, LRM has supervised the handling of over 6000 super loads, gathering and reporting real-time operational data that highlights efficiencies and opportunities for improvement in craning and trucking operations. At the same time, LRM provides an onsite resource that can quickly understand, resolve and report any issues that arise.

Vikash Patel

President, Logisticus Projects Group

Vikash Patel is a planning strategist and quality execution specialist. His extensive knowledge of the logistics field and vast experience in trucking and railroad transportation make him an industry veteran with a diverse skill set and ever-growing list of industry connections.

Vikash previously served as the Senior Global Logistics Leader in the Power and Water Division of General Electric. In that role, he directly managed a half-billion dollar transportation spend and held direct commercial relationships with over 100 trucking, rail, crane, barge and port suppliers. His primary focus was North and South America, where he built strong strategic relationships with key logistics and transportation suppliers.

During his tenure with GE Energy, Vikash created a diversification strategy that folded multiple transportation modes, including rail and bargen into GE’s portfolio of suppliers. In 2012, he created the strategy to execute the largest transportation move in North American history, which included over 20,000 super-load category moves via road, rail and barge. It was by far the largest execution ever attempted and successfully executed in heavy haul history. 

Vikash began his logistics career with Ryder Integrated Logistics after graduating from the University of Tennessee, where he majored in both economics and philosophy. His moved up quickly within the organization, starting in a support role in the dispatching department and eventually managing a fleet of over-the-road drivers transporting over-dimensional (OD) cargo. He was able to increase utilization on equipment by over 15 percent and kept driver retention at a shocking 90 percent. In this role, he learned the value of relationship building to drive actionable change.

In 2003, Vikash left Ryder for an opportunity to attend the Norfolk Southern Operations Management Program, where he spent nearly 75 percent of his time in the field. That role taught him the inner workings of the railroad industry and gave him a respect for the people behind the scenes who make transport execution possible.

Vikash started Logisticus Projects Group in 2012.  The mission of LPG is to provide the customer quality, service and value in all facets of logistics execution. In addition, the company is heavily invested in technology and software tools that provide consistent execution and real-time data and metrics for customers.

Mihir Patel

Vice President of Government Affairs & Planning

Mihir Patel provides our clients with customized plans that address all aspects of risk and mitigation for successful delivery of oversized components. His keen sense of detail, knowledge of transportation laws, and contacts within government entities enable him to get super loads moving toward their final destination quickly and efficiently. Mihir has over eight years of industry experience, having served as a Global Program Manager and Logistics Leader with GE Energy. He has conducted over 400 route/site feasability assessments across the globe and successfully delivered over 15,000 wind turbines to project sites throughout North and South America. As a leading expert in the industry, he has visited and presented data on super load movements in over 40 states. Mihir has a passion for devising and implementing creative solutions to complex transportation problems. His ability to roll up his sleeves and understand the full scope of any challenge makes him extremely powerful in creating solutions.

Mihir graduated from Pennsylvania State University with a dual degree in Supply Chain Information Systems and Economics.

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